My name is Remco Brosky and I founded CloudRoute after working at Microsoft in the Netherlands as a Cloud Solution Architect. This was certainly a highlight in my career. I was part of a great team and enjoyed every minute of it. I also came to realise that there are a massive number of companies who could use assistance with onboarding the public Cloud in general and Microsoft Azure in particular. Not just from a technical perspective, but also from a business perspective.

The business model for Microsoft is changing, but also for the Microsoft Partners that try to keep up and adjust their business to today's market demand. CloudRoute is there to close the gap to help organizations that realize that change is coming. If you need a strategy and/or technical guidance on how to make a business with Microsoft Azure, I'm here to help. I have a passion for technology and innovation.

I love to come up with solutions for complex business challenges and get the most out of myself, people and teams. My roots are in software development, architecture and devops processes and I love working with Microsoft Azure.

Besides working with Azure every single day and always learning new stuff, I am a certified Microsoft Azure Solution Architect and DevOps Engineer.